Sunken boats and going back the island…

Hi all,


we heard last night that the boat we take to Agutaya from Cuyo sank yesterday. Apparently it was close to  little island so all the people on the boat are safe. On this note, we will begin our journey back to Cuyo in a couple of hours. We will fly from Manila to the island of Iloilo, then take a bot on 16 hour journey to the island of Cuyo. We are not sure of we will be able to get space on the boat as you can not book tickets ahead of time and it is first come first serve. Worse case scenario, we have to stay over in Iloilo until the next available boat.


We know the Lord is in control and we will trust Him through it all. I suppose I am asking you all to pray that we stay content and calm through this journey back.


Thank you all for praying and we will give an update once we are back. Thank you also once again for your support in this great work we are privileged to be a part of.


Your co-workers in Christ

le Rouxs

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