Look what God is doing!

The side of the house, kitchen window

Thankful doesn’t even begin to describe it. There are no words to express the feeling of joy we have in our hearts when we see what God is doing! Our home is making wonderful progress and each brick, each steel bar and each bag of cement is testimony of His provision.

An old hymn that I am reminded of asks, “Does Jesus care?”. Well, he certainly does! He cares not only for us, but for the lost souls on Agutaya who have not heard His truth. Soon we will be able to move into our house He has provided for us, and begin the process of reaching the lost, and all because He cares! We are so blessed!

So, what have we been up to this last month? Phil has been hard at work on our house in Agutaya and also made a short trip to Manila to buy some electric supplies for the house (Short considering it involves boat travel to Manila). In the last 5 weeks we have only been with Phil for less than 10 days in total. Please keep us in your prayers. Although necessary, it is never nice being apart so much and for so long.

The lounge and kitchen

This past month they have almost completed the roof, put all the doors in, layed almost all the floors, framed the windows and started plastering the inside walls. Next to be done is completion of the roof and floors, electric (which Phil is doing almost on his own), putting in windows, the well and veranda.

Main bedroom

We still hope to be able to move in mid to end of July, so please pray that things will go smoothly and quickly. We have lots to do before that will be possible, and we know we cannot achieve this without your prayers and His continuous help!

Soon to be veranda

The kids and I are looking forward to a break in Manila at the end of this month. It will have been six months that we have been on our little island without leaving and we are looking forward to a change of scenery, not to mention some family time with Phil! It is our hope that on our return we will be moving onto Agutaya!

Please continue to pray for us. We miss everyone so much, and this is brought to light so much more when we are apart too. Know that we pray for you too! We would love hear from you, and know better how to pray for you!

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