August news: Moving Time!

Stormy weather keeps boats from sailing frequently

Its almost surreal that our moving day is almost upon us! We are planning to move within the next week. It sounds strange to not have an exact date but its all because we are dependent on boats to move our things which inturn are dependent on weather. Also, we have had a little set back with the toilet of all things. We were blessed with toilet as a gift from our old NTM guesthouse. They removed it to put new ones in and donated it to us. So being an older model toilet finding some parts has been more difficult. Lord willing we have the part brought in by Claudi’s 3rd building team who bought it in Manila for us. Hopefully Phil can get the toilet installed this week, get out electricity connected (Agutaya has a generator from 4pm to midnight) and have a fence put up around the property this week. Then it will be ready for moving in!


I cannot express how thankful we are for what the Lord has provided for us! We were even donated tiles as well as our toilet and bathroom basin. It makes the house look so much nicer and I am so thankful for a break from the concrete.


The windows are a huge highlight too as we will have mosquito netting on the windows. They greatly sets our hearts at ease with diseases like dengue which would be really dangerous for Angelique. We recently had 3 cases on Cuyo which is not supposed to have Dengue. What a blessing from the Lord to be able to have it installed!

First bug kept out by mosquito screens

Its amazing to think what God has provided and all those He has used to build this home for us! We have had help from South Africans, Canadians, Germans, Northern Irish, Filipino’s and financial donations from the UK, USA, South Africa and even friends in Korea. Its taken more than a nation to build this house, its taken the wonderful Body of Christ. We are so blessed!

We covet your prayers over this time. The move will no doubt be stressful and challenging. Just getting our things like our fridge to the house takes lots of organising and expense. There are no vehicles besides motorbikes on Agutaya so we will have to move everything using a motorcycle with a side car. A challenge to be sure!! Not to mention the trip by boat that will be a scary endevour! Please pray for things to work out according to the Lords will and His timing. Also for us to not be overwhelmed over this time.

Thank you for your prayers! We look forward to updating you from our new home in Agutaya!

Much love in Him,
The le Roux’s

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  1. I hope you by now have moved into your new home and that you are finding all
    your needs met. Please be assured your email is read every time we get one.
    Every Blessing.
    Dorothy McKnight
    (Paul’s Mum)

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