Our first month!

Its been a whirlwind of a month! We have seen God’s goodness in so many ways that I hardly know where to begin this newsletter. He is so good to us!

On the 26th August we loaded all of our things on a boat headed for Agutaya. Unfortunately the boat didn’t leave as planned and so all our things spent 3 days out on the ocean. It was hard to believe that everything would arrive unscathed and so we prepared for the inevitable. Only, almost nothing was damaged! Despite being on the ocean for so long, through various hands being loaded and off loaded and then transported by tora tora (motorbike with a side car), almost everything arrived in good condition! Only God could have done that!

The kids, Phil and I, the 2 dogs and 2 cats travelled to Agutaya by small pump boat on the 28 August. The Lord calmed the seas in time for our trip and despite a few splashed and a rain shower, it was a great trip. Before our move it had rained almost everyday for 6 weeks. How amazing to have such calm weather on the day we needed it most!

We are so thankful for our home. Every brick laid is a testimony of God’s provision and a reminder of all those who contributed to this work. What a blessing to finally have a home of our own after 9 years of being missionaries. There is still a lot to do, but we are overjoyed to have all that He has given us. What seemed impossible, He has made happen.

This past month we have continued to work on the house. We don’t have running water to the house, and the well still has to be completed. Its an adjustment getting used to living without power for most of the day, and having to buy drinking water from Cuyo (3 hour boat ride away). But once again God blessed us unexpectantly. Friends from the US came to help us set up our electrical system so that we can have the generator connected to the house and to lay the water pipes to the house etc. At the same time fellow missionaries serving in Mindanao bought new gel batteries to run their solar system, and gifted us their old ones. This is a wonderful gift as we can now run our 12 volt freezer with them. Before that we could only run the fridge for 8 hours with the town generator and this was not quite keeping our months food frozen.

Jason (our friend from the US) was able to connect the 12v system for us too, and the water pump so we could have water closer to the house. Yay for not having to haul heavy buckets so far anymore! While Jason was here he took a look at our generator. We wondered why it was struggling to run the washing machine etc. He informed us that our gen. (Which was gifted to us used from SA and cost a lot to get through customs) runs on 50 hertz unlike everything in the Philippines runs on 60. So to cut a long story short we would need a new gen. Not the best news for us at this time, but once again an opportunity God used to bless us! Within a week we received the money to buy the new Gen. from one of our churches! How humbling to see God at work. When we might worry, He has already made perfect plans. Words cannot express how thankful we are.

We are back to home schooling which can be a little challenging when the typhoons come and its dark inside the house. But, it makes us appreciate the luxury of being able to turn a light on when this is not an option for us. Please pray for us as we adjust to living on the island. Pray above all that we will be a testimony of God’s goodness to those around us. Please pray for us to be able to build relationships.

Thank you for praying and partnering with us! We are so blessed to know that we are not in this alone. Praising God for all He has done!

Much love,
The le Roux’s

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