A new chapter!

“Summer” has arrived in the Philippines but not even the relentless heat can dampen our spirits! What a joy it to finally be able to prepare lessons for the teaching of phase one. Phil has been hard at work putting together our first lessons this month. There are more than 70 lessons which Phil will teach through in phase one. Lessons work chronologically from Creation to Christ using key passages in scripture that depict the characteristics of God and point to Christ. 

Much thought goes into the preparation of these lessons taking the culture of the Agutaynens into consideration. Each sentence is thought through carefully with the listeners world view in mind and how they will understand the context. Bridges and barriers are determined so that we know what areas need extra attention in the lesson. Phil works closely with several language helpers and checks and re-checks the lessons for error and clarity. This is where understanding of the culture is so important. Please join us in praying for wisdom during this process.

Several milestones:

This year is a big year for our family because not only is it the year we start teaching, but its also the year that Valerie-Anne graduates from high school. Please be praying for her as she studies for and writes her SATs. She will then apply to several colleges in the US where she hopes to do a Bible course for her first year. We are praying for the Lords guidance and provision for Valerie-Anne’s next step.

Everyday life:
With the legislation in the Philippines changing with regards to getting medicine over the counter we have been limited as to how much we can help people medically on the island. Although this has been difficult the Lord has given us several opportunities even this month to help in one way or the other. This past month we helped a lady with a very bad burn get to the hospital for the treatment she needed and help towards her hospital bill. Just today a tora tora (a tricycle with an open side-car commonly used for cargo) crashed into the rocks near our house with a young family in it. Phil was able to clean up the drivers wounds and bandage them for him. Several others have been helped with transport money (boat fare) to Cuyo to get medical treatment at the hospital there. We are thankful for this opportunity to show people our love and care and hopefully give them a glimpse of the Lords love through us. 

Angelique and Boeta are in their last few weeks of grade 9 and working hard to completion of their work. I can hardly believe that they will almost be done with grade 12 when we are on furlough again. It certainly makes me treasure these precious times with the five of us all being together!

Missing you

It has already been a year since we left South Africa after our furlough. We miss you all very much (also our precious friends in other parts of the world), but are thankful to each one who lifts us up in prayer and is a part of the work here on Agutaya. We pray for you often and our hearts are full of thankfulness at the thought of you. Its a privilege to serve alongside you!

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