We need a building….

Size of the classroom we will build
All the teachers and the principle
The classroom they are currently using we want to replace with more stable structure

As most of you know by now, we are currently in the process with a building project at one of the elementary schools on our island. Once we start teaching in that area we will need a place to do the creation to Christ teachings. The elementary school in that are approached us and asked for help in a building. The have to many children for the amount of classrooms they have.

We initially thought of a two room but it will be to expensive. Expenses are always higher on the island as it cost a lot of money to get the materials to the island. Therefore we started with a budget of around R500 000 or $40 000 but quickly reduced it to a one classroom with a budget or approximately R300 000 or $24 000.

We will start making the blocks in August and once that is complete building will start. We will keep you updated. We already received one generous amount of R60 000 towards the project and that will get it going. We will continue the project as we receive funds.

We will start a second project Lord willing next year with the other elementary school in another area on our island where we will also need a teaching room and therefore use the school room at the other school. This school however already have a half built building which we just have to complete for them. We have not yet discussed this more in detail but will soon after starting the first project.

Should you want to get involved in this project by either funding or even come and help to build (we can discuss this if any are interested), please get in touch with Peter Thomas kpbc@global.co.za or peter.thomas.bbc@gmail.com.

Thank you again for each and every one of you that are in which ever way part of this ministry in seeing the Agutaynens receive the true gospel.


Inside of the school room
The classroom they are currently using we want to replace with more stable structure

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