The past few weeks have been a wonderful time of rest, relaxation, fellowship and fun. What a blessing to see our friends and brothers and sisters in Christ in Manila, and have friends from South Africa come and visit us and enjoy showing them around our home on Agutaya too. Time flew by so quickly but we are recharged and ready to continue our work here on the island. 

Bible Study Group

Things are going well with the Bible Study group in Manila. Our hearts are encouraged to see faithful men continuing to serve the Lord faithfully. While in the city we had an opportunity to get involved in a childrens ministry. What a wonderful time to see these men putting their faith in action! Please continue to pray for the group to grow and for them to continue to serve the Lord boldly.

Visa update:

While in Manila we were able to get Angelique’s visa updated. This is required once a child turns 14. We were also able to enquire about our visa renewal next year. It seems things are more complicated than we thought. 

The visa needs to be downgraded 2 months before it expires. That will be in August next year for us. Then they will decide whether we need to return to our home country or can just leave the country for a short while. They will only inform us of that decision a month after the visa is downgraded, which only gives a month before the time to plan to leave the country before our visa expires. 

This is really not ideal as getting international flights a month before the time will no doubt be expensive and stressful. Please pray with us that the Lords will be done and that we will have peace in the situation.


Now that Val has completed her high school education we have been looking at various options for her future. She really desires to do a Bible Study course. We have been doing research and hope to decide soon where she will go. She will start her course in August 2018. Please pray with us that the Lord will guide us as we make the decision. Please also pray for His provision for all that she needs. Thank you!

Lesson preparation:

While in Manila we were able to get our lesson pictures printed. It so wonderful to finally at the point where we get to do this. There are more than 100 pictures depicting images from creation to resurrection that we will use during the teaching. We had them printed on vinyl so that they will last and can be reused and left hanging up for long periods. 

Phil is back to the grindstone translating lessons. Please continue to pray for him. Pray that he will be able to complete the lessons quickly and well. Please also pray for his helpers to be faithful in coming to help him. And of course, please pray that their hearts will be changed when they hear the truth. 


The time is getting closer when we will start teaching. Will you commit to praying earnestly for the souls on Agutaya? Would you purpose to pray once a day that many would come to know Him here? Or even once a week? We need your prayers. Please pray as the Lord bring us to mind that we would stand strong and that His will be done through us. Thank you!

Thank you for standing alongside us!

With love,

The le Roux’s

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