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Sunken boats and going back the island…

Hi all,


we heard last night that the boat we take to Agutaya from Cuyo sank yesterday. Apparently it was close to  little island so all the people on the boat are safe. On this note, we will begin our journey back to Cuyo in a couple of hours. We will fly from Manila to the island of Iloilo, then take a bot on 16 hour journey to the island of Cuyo. We are not sure of we will be able to get space on the boat as you can not book tickets ahead of time and it is first come first serve. Worse case scenario, we have to stay over in Iloilo until the next available boat.


We know the Lord is in control and we will trust Him through it all. I suppose I am asking you all to pray that we stay content and calm through this journey back.


Thank you all for praying and we will give an update once we are back. Thank you also once again for your support in this great work we are privileged to be a part of.


Your co-workers in Christ

le Rouxs

What have been happening with the le Roux’s

Hi all,


so many have been happening this last month. Let me start from the beginning:


we left Cuyo to go to Manila for our annual conference. A week before we were going to leave, I fractured my wrist. The trip was very exciting, exciting in a way that makes me think back to the military days. It was exciting but you don’t want to go through it again… Please don’t misunderstand me, I am not complaining but the reason why I mention these things is to point you to God’s faithfulness and His care….

2012-12-23 11.35.25

We got ready at 5pm to leave on the ferry. I went to the pier of the island at 4pm to just check that the ferry will leave at the appointed time. I was not surprised that the ferry did not even arrive yet. They then told us at 6pm. At 6pm I went back and even though the ferry arrived, they still had to unload the ferry before leaving for Iloilo. They were suppose to leave at 9pm. We as a family were on the ferry by 8pm to get ready for our departure… we only left the island at 1am :). This is one of the hard areas of culture to get use to or to live with…

We ended up spending 20 hours on the boat arriving only at 5pm in Iloilo. This is where it gets amazing!!! A month before we left, I received a mail from the airlines we were flying with from Iloilo to Manila. They told us our flight of 11 am will be moved to 7pm. Not knowing and so often forget that the Lords makes it all work out to the good for His glory, He already had a plan with this. I was thinking and trying to make plans already of what to do while in Iloilo waiting for the flight. I was thinking how tired we will be when arriving in Iloilo and where to go to wait for the flight. The Lord knows best!!! Instead of having to wait for our flight, we had to rush a little to get to the airport. I asked the taxi driver to please get us there as fast as possible, not knowing that I gave him permission to turn our journey into a formula 1 race:). The funny thing is, while he was driving like a crazy man, he explained how many accidents there are on this new road to the airport as the airport is new and people not use to arriving on time for flights they have to race to get to the airport and therefore make a lot of accidents. I was just asking the Lord to not make us part of this statistic.

2012-12-18 11.53.57



We arrived safely at the airport and with just few moments to spare we were able to enjoy a coffee before our flight. We arrived safely at our guesthouse in Manila. We managed to catch up with fellow missionaries and used the time to catch up on admin and buy some supplies we will need when we go back.

2012-12-18 18.25.04

Our conference was great. We enjoyed some great fellowship and was fed with the word of God everyday. We have to value the body of believers as when there is none, you realize how fortunate you are for fellow believers. Our conference was almost a week.


We just recently started a worskhop for church planters. Another great time not only of fellowship but to just realize again, it is not us planting the church but God is doing it wan how we get alongside in order to do this the best way in the best understandable methods. It is also great to see how God is raising up believers in some other areas.


It is ALWAYS amazed looking back how the Lord’s hand was in all of this. How He orchestrated everything for His glory and how through His grace He made things fall into place. We want to thank Him for that.


Please pray for us as we are preparing to go back to Cuyo. Please pray as we still have to do more supply buying in preparation for the team coming to help us build a house in March!!! Please pray that the Lord will work it all out as this is way over my head. Please pray for safety of the team coming as well that they will be challenged as they go out of their comfort zone and allow the Spirit to challenge them anew.

Thank you to all who pray for us, support us and even just think of us every now and then as we understand you all are extremely busy also where you are!!! Thank you again.


Miss you all and may the Lord bless you all abundantly.

Philip for the le Roux’s













We are safe in Iloilo

Hi all,

Two weeks ago the company we booked our airline tickets from Iloilo to Manila send me a message that our flight is not at 1pm anymore but now 9pm.

We were suppose to leave with the boat Cuyo island at 4pm and arrive 14 hours later at 6am in Iloilo. We thought we will go to the airport and sleep there while the long wait for the flight. Well, the Lord had other plans. We constantly need to learn to surrender all to Him and allow Him to guide us.

This is what actualy happened:
We were told the boat is delayed and instead of 4pm will leave at 10pm. We were on the boat at 9pm only to wait until 1am to leave!!!

Instead if 14 hours we were on the boat for 20 hours as we arrived only at 5pm in Iloilo. We then had to rush to the airport and we got this crazy formula 1 driver who took me up on the challenge to get us in time at the airport. A trip that should take us 1 hour to the airport took us 20 minutes!!!

We are now at the airport and I even have time to write this post before our flight. Note to self, never ask a Filipino taxi driver to go fast :). We are safe in Iloilo and waiting for our flight to Manila. We are scheduled to leave for Manola in 40 minutes but we have once again learned that we will not count on their time:)

We will send an update tomorrow when we are safe at our guesthouse to again get ready to do this again in four weeks back to the island:).

Thank you all for praying for our trip. Even though unbelievers might think this trip was a disaster, we once again saw the Lord’s guidance in all of this!!! To Him all the glory.

God bless


Help us with the design of our house….

Hi all,


as you know by now, we are planning the building of our house in March on the island of Agutaya. We will leave for Manila on Monday with a ferry (please pray for us) and will be in Manila for our annual conference and a church planting workshop. During this time, I need to buy supplies for the new house that we can not find in Palawan and ship it to Cuyo where we are now. This will mainly be electrical equipment like drills etc.

We have decided to build a house very much the same way they do on Agutaya using the mostly used materials. Therefore we will build the house with hollow bricks (a brick they make themselves from sand and cement). I have made a design but I am no architect and therefore need ideas. This is a plan of the house so if you have any ideas, please send them to me ( or just reply to this post on our web site.

The Lord blessed us and an architect agreed to draw up the plans for us for free. He is in South Africa and once the plans are final then he will sketch them for us and send them to us. We would like to have your ideas as soon as possible so we can make the changes and send them to the architect. Hope to see you in March to help build 🙂

God bless!!! Merry Christmas to all as He IS the reason for the season!!!!

House Agutaya

Carols at church

Hi all,

this was the elders at church giving their part in Christmas carols. Even though it was the quickest carol show I have ever seen, this will be one I will not easily forget! You could see them meaning every word they sung even though it was in english. These elders truly love the Lord!!! We need to sometimes get back to basics… Go back to our own Damascus experience:)

Carols at Cuyo

Typhoon update

Praise the Lord for His protection!!! Thank you all for praying during this typhoon. Typhoon Pablo has left our area and going around the island earlier it seems that the damage was little. Just some trees blown over and some roofs of houses blown away but it does not seem like big damages or life loss. Please continue to pray for our missionaries in Mindanao area that had it way worse. Some family lost most of their roof as well as their solar panels.

Below is a picture of the calm after the storm. Sure dont want to be out on the ocean when it is like this:)

Lord bless

Photo Gallery

Hi there,


some said they can not access our gallery. Let me explain:

On the right side of our web page is a block where you can sign up for our newsletters. This means you will receive our newsletters every time I post on the web page. It does not require a password. Below that however there is a written in big black bold letters LOGIN. If you have not yet registered there, please do so and then login. This however do require a password. The reason for this is, every time we post things that we would not like the public to see that have access to our web page, we will post it as private. That means just those that are logged in will be able to view those posts.

I hope this is a bit more clear and sorry if I did not explain this before:) I will take of the private settings from the gallery for the next two days in order for those who is still struggling to be able to view the pictures:)

PS.. the eye of the storm “PABLO” is over Cuyo (our island) at the moment. We experience power outages as well as strong winds. We have received messages from friends that are fisherman and living on the water that they are struggling due to the bad winds. Please be praying for them, not only are they vulnerable to lose their houses but they are not able to fish over these times and that is their main source of food.

Thank you for all your love, prayers and support. We truly miss you all.