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Almost there!

Our house!

What a joy these last few months have been! It has been such a busy time filled with many trials and frustrations, but also a truly blessed time too. Blessed because we have had the privilege to see The Lord provide in unbelievable ways. We have been able to watch as He protected and encouraged not just us, but those helping us. And best of all, we have been able to see Him working in the hearts of those on Agutaya who are accepting us and building relationships with us. They have yet to hear the Good News, but it is our hope that they see Christ in our lives as we seek to serve Him. God is preparing the way for us, and we are so excited to see what He will do on Agutaya!

Our front porch

Many people have been asking us details about the house progress, so here it is! To date we have built bodega (storage room), septic tank is dug out, well is at 16 feet and has a little way to go still, and house has walls, roofing almost done, window frames and some plumbing and floor almost filled with sand for the foundations. Next in line is to complete the roof, cement the floor, put in windows, electrical, well walls and septic tank. It sounds a lot when listing it like that, but when we think on what The Lord has already done, we can’t help but feel excited by how close we are to finished!

First sign of water at the bottom of the well.
First sign of water at the bottom of the well.

We are hoping to move into the house as a family in July, when we believe the house should be live able. Please continue to pray for us. It is hard with Philip away so much, and also hard work for Philip in difficult conditions as he builds the house. Please also pray for opportunities to build relationships. We really want to show the people the love of Christ, and it is sometimes hard to know when to help and when to say no. We seek Godly wisdom so we may honor The Lord in all we do. Thank you for your love and prayers! We miss you all so much.